Chalets: wooden holiday rentals

Looking for a holiday rental in the Manche department? Discover the comfortable chalets of Camping aux Pommiers, in Mont Saint-Michel Bay in Lower Normandy.
With the wooden chalets, enjoy outdoor comfort between the beach and countryside.
A chalet is like a holiday home in a wooded park. Choose a holiday rental just a few kilometres from the charming seaside resort of Granville and enjoy a pleasant stay near the beaches of Mont Saint-Michel.

Better than apartments, the chalets are ideal for indoor and outdoor living

  • The chalets can accommodate up to five people
  • The outdoor design is modern and the décor is refined
  • Covered terrace
  • Garden
  • Pets are allowed
  • Wifi network all around the campsite (1 hour free per day)

Discover our “Normandy” and “Brittany” chalets

Brittany chalets

Our “Premium” chalets can accommodate up to four people and have a surface area of 34.90 m. They offer indoor-outdoor living on the 10 m2 covered terrace. Starting at €427/week.

Page fille chalet Bretagne
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Normandy chalets

Our Normandy chalets can accommodate up to five people and have a total surface area of 25 m2. Each has a covered terrace. Starting at €392/week.

Page fille chalet Normandie
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Practical information

  • The chalets are fully equipped.
  • An inventory of all the equipment at your disposal is available and will be given to you when you check in.
  • Please bring your own sheets and bath linens.
  • Sheets are available onsite for rental on request.

Security deposit: For any rental, a €200 security deposit will be requested when you check in and returned when you check out (cash, cheque, credit card imprint).

The chalets offer the comfort and independence of a holiday rental in the Manche department and let you benefit from the activities proposed by the campsite. Campsite holiday rentals are ideal for families! Camping aux Pommiers offers a wide range of entertainment, games, evening events and sports activities. Campsite holidays are convivial and a great way to meet other people.

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Choose a holiday rental in the Manche department by the sea

Treat yourself to a holiday in France, just three hours from Paris, and admire an exceptional heritage. During your stay in Mont Saint-Michel Bay, head out to discover the Manche department: Visit Cotentin Peninsula, Cherbourg, La Hague, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, Sainte-Mère-Eglise, D-Day beaches, Barneville-Carteret, and more. Walk along narrow streets lined with fishermen’s houses, stone wall houses, and seaside villas.

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey tour, bay crossing, strolls and shopping in nearby towns and resorts, Genêt, Saint-Jean-le-Thomas, Carolles, Jullouville, Saint-Pair, Granville, sunbathing on the beach, kayak rides, island outings, etc.

Stay in a chalet to take advantage of nature, the joy of barbecuing, and breakfasts on the terrace. Chalets are holiday rentals that offer all the comfort you need after a fun day spent outdoors.

Come spend a convivial holiday on a wooded site in the town of Beauvoir near Mont Saint-Michel and relish in outdoor living.