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Offers in Mont Saint-Michel Bay: good deals for camping and hotel rooms

Take advantage of Camping aux Pommiers’ good deals and treat yourself to a stay at Mont Saint-Michel. Special offer for couples, short stay: explore all our current promotional offers and savour a moment in one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

With Camping aux Pommiers’ good deals, take advantage of a low-cost stay at Mont Saint-Michel!

The Mont Saint-Michel good deals at Camping aux Pommiers provide numerous advantages:

  • A low-cost stay, in an idyllic setting in all seasons!
  • Don’t pay to park at Mont Saint-Michel: simply walk there from your accommodation at Camping aux Pommiers
  • During the week, or for stay outside of the school term and holiday weekends, you’ll avoid the usual crowds at Mont Saint-Michel and can visit the abbey or cross the bay at leisure

Camping aux Pommiers is on the road to Mont Saint-Michel, just 4 km away.
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For visitors to Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, it’s a tradition to try the famous Mère Poulard omelette. You’ll definitely want to reserve!
Mont Saint-Michel Bay in Normandy is home to the highest tides in Europe. If you enjoy fishing on foot, beautiful landscapes and stunning lights, check your calendar and write down the dates of the next high tides.

Mont St Michel

A train now provides direct service between Paris and Mont Saint-Michel, making it simple and easy to access! The station is a few kilometres away and there’s a bus stop 200 metres from the campsite. Just put down your belongings and head out to have fun and admire some amazing landscapes. Need to recharge your batteries? Take advantage of good deals at Mont Saint-Michel and go on an excursion in the bay! In the meantime, check out some photos of the campsite and the surrounding area.

Les locatifs Aux Pommiers

An inexpensive hotel at Mont Saint-Michel?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive hotel at Mont Saint-Michel, discover Camping aux Pommiers’ good deals. The campsite offers a wide range of accommodations as well as hotel-chalet rooms, which are just like hotel rooms, just 4 km from the base of Mont Saint-Michel.
If you want to treat yourself to an inexpensive weekend in the bay and avoid traditional hotels, choose a hotel room at Camping aux Pommiers! Keep an eye on the campsite’s good deals!