“Hotel-chalet” rooms close to Mont Saint-Michel

If you’re travelling near Mont Saint-Michel, spend one or more nights in a hotel-chalet room at the 4* Camping aux Pommiers. The Mont Saint-Michel room can accommodate up to three people. A private covered terrace lets you take full advantage of the luxuriant environment.

Mont Saint-Michel hotel room

Looking for a hotel room at Mont Saint-Michel? For short stays, our campsite has rooms available by the night in Hotel-Chalets, offering all the comfort of a hotel room. Camping aux Pommiers is a 4-star campsite with a heated indoor swimming pool and numerous leisure facilities. You can’t cook in the rooms but can eat lunch and dinner in a nearby snack bar or restaurant.


Room amenities

Indoor amenities

  • One double bed
  • One single bed
  • One bathroom with a shower and separate toilet
  • Hair dryer
  • Television
  • Sheets and bath towels
  • Electric heating

Outdoor amenities

  • Covered terrace with lounge area (chairs and coffee table)
  • Private car park – space for your vehicle

Additional information

  • Free Wifi in the rooms
  • Non-smoking rental accommodation
  • Pets aren’t allowed
  • You can’t cook in the rooms

Activities and leisure facilities

  • Game room, swimming pool, boules court, ping-pong, etc.
  • Mont Saint-Michel Abbey
  • Hiking, bicycle rides, horse rides
  • Chausey, Jersey, Guernsey islands
  • Tour the walled town of Saint-Malo as well as Dinan, Dinard and Cancale
  • Go fishing during the highest tides in Europe

The campsite offers other types of accommodations. Mobile homes with a warm and modern design (four to eight people). Wooden chalets with panoramic bay windows (four or five people). Wagons and bungalows to be close to nature! The campsite also offers a wide range of pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes.

During your stay at Mont Saint-Michel, in Normandy, enjoy a continental lunch or an excellent dinner at one of the bay’s restaurants. Auberge Saint-Pierre, Auberge du Mouton Blanc, Les Terrasses Poulard: Explore our selection of local restaurants and restaurants with a view of Mont Saint-Michel.

Advantages of booking a hotel room near Mont Saint-Michel

When you sleep in a hotel-chalet room near Mont Saint-Michel, you have the opportunity to admire the bay early in the morning, when nobody is around, and observe migratory birds. You can also watch the sun set over Mont Saint-Michel. You can observe or even surf the Mascaret wave that forms during high tides. Sleeping in a hotel-chalet near Mont Saint-Michel gives you the opportunity to experience a shore crossing and walk through shifting sands (for any crossing of Mont Saint-Michel Bay, we highly recommend the help of a guide).

Mont St Michel