The seaside children’s playground

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This seaside campsite offers families an enclosed space dedicated to children. It includes a trampoline, a bouncy house, a swing set, and the list goes on—no bored children here! Children remain the responsibility of their parents in the enclosed playground area.

Children’s playground activities

Bouncy house

There is a bouncy house in the children’s playground. Kids will have fun jumping, bouncing, and generally letting loose! For children 6 years of age and up.

Swing set, slide, etc.

Children 6 years of age and up will enjoy playing on the swing set and slide.


The trampoline is a fun way to expend energy! It’s an outdoor pastime that all children will enjoy. For children 6 years of age and up. The trampoline holds a maximum of two children at once.

All kinds of activities await you, all year long!

Spend a weekend holiday with your family in one of our mobile homes and discover the campsite’s many activities! A few minutes in the car and you’ll be at the seaside. Numerous water sports and activities are available. Discover novel pastimes and make new memories during your Mont Saint-Michel seaside camping holiday. Go sea kayaking or kitesurfing. Take a boat ride or fly an ultra-light machine.

You will appreciate the amenities at this seaside campsite, especially the children’s playground, the water park, and the multi-sport field! The Manche is a perfect destination for the entire family. In addition to campsite activities, discover numerous pastimes and attractions: museums, sandcastles, a walk in the shifting sands, the Champrépus Zoo, Raptor Park, Alligator Bay, an aquarium, the islands and, of course, the pristine and untamed natural setting!