Room rates, to sleep near Mont Saint-Michel on a budget

The 4-star Camping aux Pommiers offers Hotel-Chalet hotel rooms. On the road to Mont Saint-Michel, book a room 4 km from Mont Saint-Michel and just 45 minutes from Saint-Malo. During your stay, you can admire the banks of Mont Saint-Michel, tour the abbey and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views in France.

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Room at Mont Saint-Michel: nightly prices

Related costs: Tourist tax not included: €0.46 per night and per person over the age of 18

A low-cost room at Mont Saint-Michel

During your stay at Mont Saint-Michel, you’ll find many restaurants serving lunch and dinner near the hotel-chalet. A hotel-chalet room is just as pleasant as a cottage and is ideal for spending one or more nights near Mont Saint-Michel. If you are on a touring holiday, our rooms are less expensive than the Mouton Blanc hotel and are 4 km from Mont Saint-Michel. The abbey close to the hotel was one of the largest medieval pilgrimage destinations and is a perfect stopping point at the gateway to Brittany and Mont Saint-Michel. You can easily find customer reviews and ratings for restaurants for dinner near the hotel, as well as reviews of the room, bed, setting, etc. The hotel-chalet is like a small cabin at the centre of the village of Beauvoir. An accommodation with good value for money to sleep at Mont Saint-Michel on a budget.

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Sleeping at Mont Saint-Michel: your low-cost room 4 km from Mont Saint-Michel

Book a night in a room near Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy and eat dinner at La Vieille Auberge at the heart of the village of Mont Saint-Michel in an authentic atmosphere. With your family, you’ll appreciate the cabin spirit of these “hotel-chalets”. Read reviews about the campsite’s friendly atmosphere and specialities. The rooms are 45 minutes from Saint-Malo and just a few minutes by car from Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, a starting point for numerous tourist visits. At the heart of the bay, the 4-star campsite tends closely to its guests. Camping aux Pommiers is an excellent solution to sleep at Mont Saint-Michel on a budget, appreciate Mont Saint-Michel by night and admire the view of the bay at sunset while having access to Wi-Fi and a car park! For a several-day stay, there’s a multitude of activities to enjoy – kayaking, land sailing, hiking, shore crossing, ultralight flying, etc. – with a view of Mont Saint-Michel.