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What are some of the sports and leisure activities available in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay Area?

What activities await you during your Mont Saint-Michel holiday? Here are some recommended sports and leisure activities near Camping aux Pommiers.

Recommended activities near the campsite and Mont Saint-Michel:

  • Kayak around Mont Saint-Michel
  • Go sand yachting
  • Surf the waves in Carolles

  • Go sea wading
  • Check out the reptiles at Alligator Bay
  • Etc.

Day-long activities and excursions:

  • Cross the Mont Saint-Michel Bay on foot (round trip)
  • Spend the day in Chausey
  • Spend the day in Jersey
  • Hike the GR223
  • Shop or take a tour in Granville
  • Etc.

Half-day sporting activities and attractions:

  • Cross the Mont Saint-Michel Bay on foot (and return by bus)
  • Go fishing at high tide
  • Hike along the coastal path
  • Fly over the Mont Saint-Michel Bay in an ultra-light machine
  • Enjoy go-karting at Event Park
  • Etc.

Suggested leisure activities for an excellent holiday near Mont Saint-Michel

Have you reserved a holiday rental, a room, or a pitch at the campsite? Camping aux Pommiers offers numerous activities in addition to its swimming pool. Depending on the length of your stay and your interests, you can choose from a number of activities. A week-long holiday will enable you to visit and experience all the Manche has to offer! A beautiful coastline featuring magnificent beaches awaits you near the campsite: Genêts, Saint-Jean-le-Thomas, Carolles, etc. Even Granville is a recognised seaside resort. Mont Saint-Michel, Cancale, Saint-Malo, Dinard, and Granville are just a few kilometres away—you definitely won’t be bored!
Come and enjoy a restful sports vacation in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay Area. Green open spaces, high-quality equipment, and the sea just a few kilometres away. Less expensive than a bed and breakfast, our campsite offers numerous amenities: a playground, sports and leisure equipment, a friendly atmosphere, the great outdoors, and more. Plan you stay in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay Area. You’ll enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views in France. Come visit us in Lower Normandy.

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