Day-long excursions near Mont Saint-Michel

If you’re on holiday in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay Area, take a day to discover Normandy and Brittany!

In western France, there are several urban communities near Mont Saint-Michel

Discover some of the neighbouring cities just a few hours away from Mont Saint-Michel and its bay.
In Normandy, many cities with a fascinating history are replete with architectural treasures. There are a number of excellent tours and interesting sites. Caen, Cherbourg, and Bayeux are all worth a trip. Just an hour and a half from Mont Saint-Michel, you can easily spend a day visiting the city of your choice:

  • Bayeux with its tapestries and cathedral
  • Caen with its château, pedestrian centre, memorial, and Men’s Abbey
  • Cherbourg (the so-called “City of the Sea”) with its port, cobbled streets, and green space known as “la plage verte”

Brittany has just as much to offer! It would be difficult not to succumb to the charms of Cancale, Saint-Malo, Dinard and Dinan, among others.

Head for the islands

The Chausey archipelago is a true paradise. Imagine being surrounded by turquoise lagoons in a peaceful haven where nature reigns! There are no cars on Chausey. All you’ll hear are the sounds of the boats and birds. All you need is one day to walk around the main island.

This island’s English charm is apparent upon arrival. It’ll be a guaranteed change of scenary. People speak English and drive on the left side of the road! If you leave from Granville in the morning and return in the evening, you can visit the island and enjoy the numerous boutiques in Saint-Hélier in just a day!

This Anglo-Norman island has a more natural setting than Jersey and is just as attractive. Enjoy the idyllic beaches and lush greenery or go shopping. Just don’t forget to tour the home of the famed author Victor Hugo!

Just off the coast of northern Manche, Tatihou has an ornithological reserve and astonishingly beautiful tropical vegetation. One of Vauban’s towers, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is found on Tatihou. Regardless of whether the tide is high or low, you can catch the amphibious ferry at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue to get to Tatihou!

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