Excursions within a one-hour radius of Mont Saint-Michel

Discover the Mont Saint Michel Bay, from Granville to Saint-Malo: it’s one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. Already visited Mont Saint-Michel and admired the bay? Here are some excursions to take within a one-hour radius of the area.

Tourist sites in Brittany (within a one-hour radius of Mont Saint-Michel)

Leave Mont Saint-Michel and its bay, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and head towards another French region and tourist haven: Brittany! Visit its capital, Rennes. Discover the region’s history, stroll along the cobbled streets, bask in the sun while you enjoy lunch on an outdoor terrace, spend some time in the quaint boutiques, and more. Saint-Malo is also a must-see tourist location on the bay. This family-friendly town can easily be toured on foot. Stroll through this corsair city and enjoy its undeniable charm. Jugon-les-Lacs is another picturesque little town in a natural setting. It’s a genuine oasis surrounded by two lakes. Dinan is also just one hour from Mont Saint-Michel: this small medieval town is known as the City of Art and History. Artists’ studios, flea markets, and quaint designer boutiques will delight pedestrians. There are numerous other towns and sites to visit in Brittany. Ask our reception staff for additional suggestions.

Leave Mont Saint-Michel and its bay to discover the rest of the southern Manche!

Leave Mont Saint-Michel to visit Granville, the Monaco of the North! Granville is another charming corsair city as well as a chic seaside resort. Pay a visit to one of the harbour’s restaurants, the Christian Dior house, the Museum of Modern Art, and the ramparts of old town. Don’t forget to check out the quaint boutiques!
You’ll discover the most beautiful kilometre of France along the coast, on the cliffs of Champeaux. Carolles will delight nature and sports buffs. Go surfing, hiking or climbing then take a stroll to check out the Jullouville markets (held every Tuesday and Friday during the summer season). On your way to Granville, you’ll pass Saint-Pair-sur-Mer. The town is known for its casino, which has a large terrace facing the sea. There are a number of fine destinations on the coast that offer beautiful panoramic views.

Don’t leave the Mont Saint-Michel Bay area without visiting the abbey, crossing the bay, or walking in the shifting sands. It’s a truly unforgettable experience.

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