Mont Saint-Michel Bay: Half-day excursions

The bay extends from Granville to Cancale. Enjoy nature excursions, cultural discoveries, sports, and more. Here are some suggestions for half-day outings. You’ll have an exceptional time in the Bay Area thanks to these activities, excursions, and suggested sites.

From your room, head west for a stroll around Mont Saint-Michel

Visit the coast all the way up to Granville.
This seaside resort and former port is referred to as the Monaco of the North! No one is indifferent to Granville’s charm! On the coastal route, you’ll pass Bec d’Andaine, Genêts, Carolles, Jullouville, Saint-Pair, and Granville. You can even buy tickets for a trip to Chausey!

Guided tours of the bay

Cross the bay on foot!
Crossing the Mont Saint-Michel Bay on foot is an activity that can’t be missed. It takes a half-day, round-trip. You must be accompanied by a guide! Expect 4 hours of walking and a 45-minute break. Depart from the Bec d’Andaine, Dragey-Ronthon, or Champeaux. Enjoy this exceptional experience that includes bird watching, walking in the shifting sands, and more. Leave your room at low tide for a unique rendez-vous with nature!

On the coast of Brittany

One hour and twenty minutes from Mont Saint-Michel is the fortified city of Saint-Malo. Shop on the pedestrian streets, enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Thermes, stroll along the Rance, etc. Explore nearby Cancale, Dinard, Dinan, etc.

Sports activities

  • Go kayaking or paddle boarding around the Bay.
  • Hike along the GR223 coastal path.
  • Go mountain biking
  • Gather shellfish by hand
  • Etc.

Need more suggestions on sports activities? Professionals on the bay, the coast, and in Dol have a broad range of activities to offer you!

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